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12 settembre 2018

 In the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of 2015 in Milan - EXPO 2015 - our school took part in a contest (held by the MIUR, department of education) proposing a themed project:

“The Capitanata and its wine: taste is knowledge”.

Thanks to the dedication of our headteacher (Mrs Mezzanotte Filomena), the project has been realized in collaboration with the agricultur technical institute “M. di Sangro” of San Severo.

The project team includes both teachers (Mr. Del Piccolo Gianluca, Mrs. Busini Rosaria, Mr. Filomeno Alfredo, Mr. Presutto Valter) and students (they have been selected after a cognitive – motivational talk and, of course, on the basis of team working competences, language) and it skills: Miss Abbadessa Chiara, Mr. Bonaventura Leo, Miss. Carano Marina, Mr. Ciocio Marco, Miss Cocomazzi Grazia, Mr. Costantino Claudio, Mr. Cutrone Antonio, Miss Diella Annarita, Mr. Grasso Umberto, Mr. Manocchia Davide, Mr. Mastrolitti Giuseppe, Mr. Mucedola Matteo, Miss Nicastro Sabrina, Miss Pensato Alessia, Mr. Sardella Biagio, Miss Sentinella Beatrice) attending the 4th and 5th year in our school.

Starting from the promotion of our local agricultural and food heritage, we decided to present an old native vine “The Tuccanese”, saved from dying out and cultivated only in the province of Foggia.

Our choice permits the development of one of the fundamental themes of “EXPO”: The biodiversity conservation.

The clip has been realized also to promote the natural and scenic beauties of our land.    




















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